Afia Al Khaleej Medical Center Location

Our Mission & Vision

Afia medical group


To be a leader in the healthcare industry and across GCC and Asia by 2030, to sustaining the core values of affordable and quality healthcare.

Afia medical group


  • Be the most preferred category choice for customers, patients, and employees
  • Deliver exceptional and ever changing standards of medical and service excellence
  • Operate to uncompromising ethical standards consistently
  • Lead the market in quality and reputation
  • Maintain cutting edge standards of management

Our Values

Transparency   Integrity   Respect


We encourage a culture of service and helpfulness so that our actions positively impact society. Our commitment to Seva defines and differentiates us.
Positive social Impact, Helpfulness, Culture of Service, Mindfulness


We gather the experts and the expertise to deliver the best solutions for life’s many moments of truth. We never settle for good enough.
Expertise, Dependability, Entrepreneurship, Business Performance


We give you our word and we stand by it. No matter what. A “NO” uttered with the deepest conviction is better than a “YES” merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. Our words are matched by our actions and behavior.